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Friday, November 23, 2007


You Did What???

So I was talking with an older gentleman earlier this year. And he mentioned a few things that he always wanted to do but didn't. He had put things off, figuring he would have time in the future to make it happen. And now, due to life circumstances, he wasn't going to ever be able to do those things. It was a statement of regret and a giving up of life-long plans.

The conversation stuck with me and sadden me. Now I have list of things I would like to do someday, a list of things that I think would be fun to try. And as we were planning our vacation to Chattanooga this summer, I stumbled across the chance to actually do one of the things on my list. I thought of that gentleman and his lost plans, and made the firm decision to Go-For-It.

Want to know what I did?

I went hang-gliding!! And it was so much fun. Lookout Mountain Flight Park is just outside Chattanooga. I took a tandem glide with a wonderful guy. The photo above was taken by a camera attached to the wing. We went up to about 2,000 feet and then slowly (and safely) came down. Hubby watched from below. I really enjoyed it, the feeling of being totally free and being able to look around at miles and miles of scenery. I could even look down and see birds.

Did I mention this was fun? If I lived closer to Lookout Mountain, I would take lessons. I hate that I haven't found anywhere local to learn hang-gliding. But it is something that I want to do again, maybe on our next vacation.


How cool!!!
Your photo reminds of my dad too who para-glides. :)
wow, you are brave! Good for you.
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