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Saturday, November 24, 2007


But will she finish??

Hubby put up the Christmas yesterday. I decided it was time to start on the tree skirt. So the big question that I am asking myself is "Will I finish before Christmas?" There's a good chance I might, although hubby's afghan might well become an after-Christmas present.

This pattern is in the Nov/Dec 07 issue of Crochet Today. It's really cute I think. I've got one panel done and I'm almost finished with the second one. And there's only nine panels and five reindeer, so I'm good (I Think).


I was gonna make that too IF I had time for it!
What a coincidence!! :D
I'll probably try to finish it by Christmas next year...
e too me too, I was going to make it, but then I learned to knit socks, and mittens, so now I'm busy making presents. I'm sure you'll make it!
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