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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Scarf Swap 2006

I got a package from the land down under, also known as Australia! Isn't this exciting!! I tore off outer wrapper, then tore through the bubble wrap, and found...happy smiley faces wearing sunglasses. Ain't that just so cute? I stopped tearing stuff, made sure that Hubby properly admired the cute wrapping paper, and took a picture.

Very carefully, I finished unwrapping the package and found all sorts of goodies inside. Let's see, there's candy (and it was very delicious), an Aussie postcard, a souvenior tray with Koala picture, some "g'day"leaves, a flip-flop magnet, and a duck (love the duck). The round thing with the flowers opens up into a very nice bag, which I'm taking on our upcoming short vacation. And the scarf - yellow, orange, and green - to match my blog. With duckies on each end. I love it! I love it! Thanks so much Cupcake!!

Friday, May 05, 2006


FO: Bell-Sleeved Pullover

Pattern: Bell-Sleeved Pullover from the Tahki Crochet book. Designed by Doris Chan.

Yarn: Tahki Yarn's COTTON CLASSIC, color 3931 (100% mercerized cotton DK/worsted weight)

Notes: This was a wonderful soft yarn to work with. I will have to use it again.
The pattern was well-written and easy to follow. I couldn't figure out how this went together when I first read the pattern. But once I got pass the first 2 or 3 rows, the design began to come together.
And I really like the pullover. I've worn it twice so far. The fit is great and the sleeves are just the right length, that is they aren't so long that the bell part gets caught on stuff. I was overjoyed to find a matching shirt at Sam's! Especially since I was expecting to really have to hunt for what to wear under it.
And this is a GREAT pattern book. There are so many really great patterns inside and I'll be making some of them in the near future. The book is available at Patternworks and also at Dreamweavers.

Hey, my back-yard needs mowing! Any volunteers?

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