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Friday, May 05, 2006


FO: Bell-Sleeved Pullover

Pattern: Bell-Sleeved Pullover from the Tahki Crochet book. Designed by Doris Chan.

Yarn: Tahki Yarn's COTTON CLASSIC, color 3931 (100% mercerized cotton DK/worsted weight)

Notes: This was a wonderful soft yarn to work with. I will have to use it again.
The pattern was well-written and easy to follow. I couldn't figure out how this went together when I first read the pattern. But once I got pass the first 2 or 3 rows, the design began to come together.
And I really like the pullover. I've worn it twice so far. The fit is great and the sleeves are just the right length, that is they aren't so long that the bell part gets caught on stuff. I was overjoyed to find a matching shirt at Sam's! Especially since I was expecting to really have to hunt for what to wear under it.
And this is a GREAT pattern book. There are so many really great patterns inside and I'll be making some of them in the near future. The book is available at Patternworks and also at Dreamweavers.

Hey, my back-yard needs mowing! Any volunteers?

Wow, that is a beautiful pullover. I said something at the 'Ville but then I saw a larger picture and it's simply gorgeous! Congrats on a pattern well done!
that is beautiful great job!
What a great looking top. I love those bell sleeves.
Great job! I have that book, and been thinking about making it myself.
I've been drooling upon this particular pattern since the first time I saw it on the web! I would love to do it, but they don't seem to export the pattern book to Francce :/
Anyway, you did a great job and I LUV the color you chose!
Great job! I have the book and the yarn already and I just have to find the time to put it all together! You are the first one I know of who has actually finished one. It looks great!
Just gorgeous! You did a fantastic job on that!!!
Sweater looks great - and the shirt underneath does match perfectly. That seems to be an issue with crochet (and some knit) sweaters. I have yet to tackle a sweater yet so I might have to invest in your recommended pattern book. I look forward to seeing your 63 Squares Afghan photo album - I just finished my second square, too. Kelli
What a wonderful summer sweater.And in a lovely colour.Like the effects of lace.

Thank you also for the congratulations.Soon we have summer and I get more time for my crochet
Saw your post in the 'Ville... that is so pretty, absolutely gorgeous! I have that booklet and I plan to make that top too (one of these days).
Oh wow, I think the pullover is so beautiful.
I wish I had one right now! :D
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