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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Circle Time

And I have finally achieved a Sunflower Circle with 4 corners! Now on to the borders.
This has become known 'round here as the "deviled egg blanket". The first time I spread it out, hubby and I both looked at it and thought "yum, plates of deviled eggs!" Now I can't get the image of eggs out of my mind. But trust me, these are sunflowers - that's what the directions say.


It sure does (the egg thing)!!! Very good work and very pretty! Way to go and I thought that was rather fast!
LOL - Yes, I can see the deviled eggs, too! This project turned out beautifully! What a lot of hard work you put into it!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Let me know if you ever try the "Knecklace"!
Oh wow! It's gorgeous!!! And deviled eggs are a GOOD thing. ;-)
it looks nice! great job..
This is absolutely beautiful! What a great job you have done!!!
Wow, that afghan is spectacular! It turned out gorgeous! I love it.
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