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Saturday, March 18, 2006


And the Work Goes On

Work is continuing on the Sunflower Afghan. I've got 8 completed sunflowers and 3 totally completed motifs. This should all connect into one big circle of sunflowers.

I'm really pleased with my progress so far. I am trying to become more project, rather than process, oriented. I started crocheting, and knitting too, because I am just fascinated by the process of taking a single strand of thread or yarn and a couple of sticks or a hook, and creating something that looks nothing like a single strand of thread or yarn. There is just an endless variety of stitch patterns that can be created and I want to learn them all.

So what happens is that I find an interesting pattern and I pull out my supplies and set out working the pattern until I see how it all goes together. As a result, I have way too many works in progress (WIP) that I know I will never finish. Need to break this cycle because, honestly, the WIP are starting to pile up around here.

And that means that I am going to finish this afghan before I start any thing else. Then I'll finish up hubby's socks. Then there's this really neat top in the new Tahki crochet book that I want to make. And I've got yarn for another pair of socks for me. And the list goes on....


the afghan looks wonderful! i know many many people who love sunflowers!
i'm soooooooo not a project knitter or crocheter. i have to have a few different things going at all times or i get board...
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