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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Yarn Bee Topper

Hubby surprised me with several skeins of the prettiest yarn. A bit fuzzy, but the most wonderful autumn shades. I knew I wanted to make a coat and, after a couple of days of searching for the perfect pattern, I settled for the Colorwaves Topper from Interweave Crochet fall 2005 issue.

Yarn is Yarn Bee brand from Hobby Lobby. I've lost the labels so I don't know what the color name is.

I added rows (without the increases) to make this longer than the pattern. I also made a belt to tie at the waist. This yarn is almost too slippery to be tied though.

The coat turned out great. It is soft and a little fuzzy. Kinda has a swing-coat style. I really like it and I've worn it several times.

And another pic just to keep you informed as to what really goes on 'round here:

oh my, I absolutely love your jacket!! I have that mag - gotta look at the pattern now.
Such a cute kitty too!
WOW!!!! That is gorgeous!!!!
Very nice blog..

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