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Sunday, October 21, 2007



I've been miserably stuck at home for the past 4 days coughing and sniffling. I've had nothing but time on my hands and I've done some crocheting and some knitting.

I alternate between crocheting and knitting. I'm a much better (and faster) crocheter, but I'm determined to learn to knit. I've been (slowly) working on A Beginner Triangle from A Gathering of Lace.

And I hit the half-way point this weekend. I'm just thrilled with this tiny little point!! It's taken forever to get this far.

(Not the best of pictures, but I'm sickly...)

Very Pretty! You'll finish before you know it
Wow! Good for you! Are you knitting from chart? I'm too chicken to try that yet but am also working on my first lace knitting. Yours looks great!
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