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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Puddin' & Pie

I cleaned out one of the kitchen drawers yesterday. Does anyone else stick miscellaneous items in kitchen drawers? We do - strange little doo-dads, notes to remember, and hubby saves wire nuts.

I don't know why he saves wire nuts. But he's like a squirrel hiding acorns when it comes to wire nuts. Little piles turn up here and there around the house. It's one of the strangest things about him. He's an addiction counselor - why does he need so many wire nuts?

Anyway, one of the kitchen drawers had become so full that it no longer opened smoothly. We were having to grab the handle and JERK to get it opened. So I dumped the whole thing!

And amongst the wire nuts, doo-dads, rolling pins and cloth napkins, I found a recipe all folded up. A recipe for which I just happened to have all the ingredients. So we now have one well-organized clean kitchen drawer and we had pie last night. And it was all very good.

The recipe is Grandma's Butterscotch Pie from allrecipes.com. I even made the crust from scratch! And served it up with a lite dusting of nutmeg!

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