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Friday, April 21, 2006


Works In Progess

WIP No. 1 - The bell-sleeved pullover is coming coming along. This was a great project to start after the afghan. The pattern is well-written and the cotton yarn is so smooth. I'm really enjoying it and it is looking good (if I do say so myself). I do need to find a little top to wear under it because nothing in my closet will do.

WIP No. 2 - I've got a good friend who is having a baby. Now she already has 2 boys, so on the off chance that this one is a girl, I want to be prepared! I pulled out this half-finished baby blanket that I put down because I got tired of doing all those flowers. (Have I ever mentioned that I have lots of unfinished projects stuck all around the house?) I do plan to finish this up before the middle of June. It's a cute pattern with the pink center and a border of pastel flowers.

WIP No. 3 - No picture, but I'm still working on hubby's socks. It's become almost a never-ending project because I messed up on the heel of one sock and didn't notice until I finished both socks. The horror and frustation that I felt upon noticing the mistake, and it was a Big Boo-Boo, almost made me chunk both socks. And, if they had been socks for me I would have. But in the end I got to practice on frogging my knitting, putting the live stitches back on my needles and now I'm just trying to finish.

Future WIP - The Baroque Jacket from HH. This pattern was the reason I bought the book. I had planned to get it from the Stitch Diva's website anyway. The yarn came in this week but I'm not starting on it until I finish one of the three projects above.

So I've got plenty to keep me busy.

LUV IT- "future WIP" HA!!!
Like your WIPS though :)
The color yarn you got for this jacket is really nice!
I know you won't start working on it right away, but I already can't wait to see a finished photo! :D
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