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Saturday, April 15, 2006


FO: Sunflower Afghan

Project: Sunflower Afghan designed by Irena Janiashvili

From: Kit purchased from Mary Maxim
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

Measures: 50.5 inches wide, 72 inches long

Notes: This was a bear of a project from the get-go. The kit was on back-order for a couple of months, and I had given up on actually receiving it when it showed up at my door. The yarn included was Red Heart Super Saver instead of Mary Maxim's Starlette. I've never used any of the Mary Maxim yarns so I don't know if this was an upgrade or not. (I did get a $5 gift certificate for having to wait so long and I've got several full skeins of yarn left over.)
The pattern has several errors and was a bit difficult to figure out at times. I ended up completely changing the last row of the border. The pattern featured crocheted tassel-things, which I thought looked just awful, and I ended up finishing the ends with a row of shells instead.
All in all, I'm really pleased with the way this turned out. It was a challenging project with lots of different stitches. And The Cat seems to think it is all comfy.

Next Project: The Bell-Sleeved Pullover from Tahki Stacy Charles Crochet book. I'm also still working on a pair of socks for hubby and I want to finish a baby blanket I started a while back.


It's gorgeous Julie, you should be proud of it. Very nice!!
It looks like that was an awful lot of work, even without all of the extra trouble you had! It's absolutely gorgeous though...great colors and beautiful pattern.
The afghan is beautiful!!!
I made an afghan just one time, but this one makes me want to do it again. :)
Great Job! Sorry it was a trouble, but it is wonderful in pictures! Good work! Can't wait to see your next project. Inspiring!
one more thing...your cat is beautiful on it, too :)
So pretty, and so inspiring! You did fabulous work.
That has truly got to be one of the most awe-inspiring afghans I've ever seen, even with the little boo-boo. Someone pointed it out on the Mary Maxim site and, although I didn't get a good look at it there, your photos do it so much more justice. So much work! Absolutely incredible. Truly, you should try entering it in a fair. Blue ribbon material, for sure.
Julie, it's gorgeous. I just started mine yesterday and ran into problems on the sunflower motifs. I know there are errors there starting with rnd 10, but by the time I realized it and called Mary Maxim, everyone was gone for the holiday. Won't be back til tomorrow, 7/5. Any chance you wrote down your corrections to the pattern and would be willing to pass them on? There's nothing worse than getting partway thru a project and finding all kinds of mistakes in the pattern. This happens to me all the time. Any help would be most appreciated. Otherwise, I'll see if I can figure it out from your closeup photo of the motif. Thanks! And great job!
I finished this project several months ago and did not run into too
many problems. I wish there were more challenging projects like this one.
It is beautiful. Can I get the pattern. conradcoral@hotmail.com
I have just searched for just the pattern of the sunflowers and have only come up with your blog..thank you so much for the close ups..now do you know where I can get this pattern only..I just brought from ebay the Bears on the Blanket..I live in Australia and so buying a kit and postgae is very expensive..so if you know anyone one who would sell me their pattern or swop a pattern..I would very much appreciate it.
I broke my leg before christmas..and have made 3 afghans..a fan pattern a sunbonnet sue and a dragonflie one..and just started on a Queens size bedspread ..but will do it slowly..LOL
I love sunflowers..and this pattern is the best.
please email me on..
Thank you
I love that afghan you did such a good job, I have been trying just to find the pattern would you know where I could just get the pattern?
I would appricate any kind of info please email me...thank you.
My mom in law made me this exact one for Christmas and its my favorite thing ever!
Beautiful job. I just recently ordered the same pattern from Mary Maxim and also received the substitute yarn in stead of their brand. Their brand is much softer than the substitute. I am finding the pattern hard to follow as well. My friend just completed the same one with the Mary M. wool so I can compare the finished afghans. However, great project. Good on you!
I usually use Q hooks, but this one looks worth using a smaller hook!

Like everyone else, I think this is beautiful and would like the pattern. Do you know of a way to get the pattern without the kit?

If you can email it, that would be wonderful. My email is somebodyelsesfriend@yahoo.com

Thanks for showing us!
I have been looking for this kit for a couple of months since I lost the catalog I had first seen it in. When I did my search this morning for it your site as well as mary Maxim's came up. I am so very glad I looked at your site too. The info you took the time to share has been very helpful to me in deciding whether to persue this project. I also have many WIP cluttering up my work room but for all the years I have been kntting and crocheting nothing has given me more pleasure then this work. I have designed a few afghans of my own for dear family members.
I usually work in Red Heart's super saver worsted since it endures longer then other yarns I have tried. The first full size one I made in this yarn more then thirty years ago still looks like new.
I am willing to share patterns I have collected with others and may be contacted at LadyKnit315@aol.com
I have received this afghan kit from Mary Maxim and started working on it. The Mary Maxim Starlette yarn was in my kit. I find it to be very soft and has the same tension to the twist as Red Heart Super Saver. The test will be to see if it endures like Super Saver.
I have made this aghan one time from the kit. I did notice a few small errors, but worked around them. I would like to crochet another one, but have misplaced pages 2 & 3. I was wondering if you know a way to get those pages without purchasing a whole new kit.
This is a very beautiful afghan.
Great job! Is there anyway that someone would like to share or swap this pattern. It very hard to find. I am living in Sweden and find it hard to get patterns. Most i have ordered from England or USA. Can you help. You can email me. strawberryjam93@hotmail.com
Thanks Joanne
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