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Saturday, August 27, 2005


Oh Baby!

Here's the newest grand-baby! My step-daughter had a baby. Chance Avery arrived Thursday just past lunch. A tiny baby, but oh so cute. I've held him, fed him, burped him, and handed him off to Mom for a diaper change. There's nothing quite like a new-born baby. God really did a wonderful job with the baby thing.

And on a completely different topic, I learned a very important lesson this week. When I make a project for a swap, I need to make real sure that I have a great picture before I mail out the item. But...this is the doily I made and sent out for the Crochetville doily swap. I didn't notice this glare on the pic until I started to upload it which, of course, wasn't until after I had handed the package off to the USPS. So, okay, lesson learned.

We got a new baby in the family. What do you have new?

Oh! I almost forgot...there's a hurricane headed for us. Expected to be at my home early Tuesday. Pray for us all, especially those on the coast.


Precious!!!!What a glorious gift from God!
Hope all is well with your family after Katrina.

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