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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Old and New

A new McDonald's has opened up near our house. And it looks like this. (I know, we need to get better at taking night-time shots.) It's a neat looking building with kinda a retro look but I have no idea why it doesn't look like the other McDonald's around here. They still sell Big Macs and Quarter-Pounders though.

I made kitty aka Patches aka 'The Cat' a blanket from Lion Brand's Homespun. The pattern is on Lion Brand's web site. I changed it up just a bit by doing the whole thing as one piece, because I just don't like sewing squares together and I used different colors for the border.

And just what did 'The Cat' think of her new blanket?

Well, you be the judge!

Ain't that just the cutest thing?

Until next time, ya'll be good and sleep soundly!


Your cat is gorgeous!!! I love her blankey, too.
What a cute cat you have! So sweet. :) Looks to me like she LOVEs the new blanket!
That McDonald's looks nice! I must go to see it. :D
awwwww, ya gotta love how pets say thank you mommy!!!!
I must inform you that you've been tagged on my blog, Miss Yarn Duck!
Very cute kitty! Looks like she's enjoying her blanket too. -Flourish
I just love calico's and your cat is just precious!!! I do love your cat blanket...I have 2 cats of my own and have seriously been debating if I should make their majesties a blankie well, for the both of them, their own seprate one. You really did inspire me! Thank you for sharing.

P.S. I like ducks too...
We have a McDonald's like that here, too. I think that was the design of the original McDonald's, and some of the new ones are trying to recapture that. And Bud is adorable!
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