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Monday, February 19, 2007


63 Squares Afghan

I've somehow managed to almost forget about this blog. Promise - I'll do better! It's been rather busy around here.

I have been doing a lot of crocheting. And not so much picture taking so I'll fix that too! As a matter of fact, the afghan that I started last summer has been finished.

Sixty-three 7-inch squares and each is a different stitch pattern. What a challenge it was! The individual squares were not that difficult (with a few exceptions). But by the time I would get comfortable working the repeats, the square was finished and then I had to learn another pattern.

But I think it turned out pretty good! There's yellow and four different shades of green, since I ran out of one color and couldn't find the same shade at any of the local stores. And it is pretty big - the full photo is spread out on a queen-sized bed.

I gave it to my Aunt when I saw her at Christmas. She loves it so much that she even mailed me a hand written thank-you note the next week! That note was the best thing I got for the holidays. It's great to be able to give love and happiness through crocheting.

The afghan looks great, Julie!!!
Your aunt is very lucky!
I remember I enjoyed making the same afghan so much. Actually, I think I can do that again! :)
the afghan looks great!
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