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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


DIY Crochetville Team

Such an exciting day! So many good things to be thankful for!!

First, I'm officially part of the Crochetville team to apply to be on Uncommon Threads on the DIY network. Wow! Now I'm much more of a crocheter than a designer. I so thankful to all the great designers out there who design such wonderful items. And I buy a lot of patterns each year making me a designer-supporter. So Pfft! to all those low-lifes who copy patterns and spread them all around. (Okay, I'm getting off topic here...)

Then, if you go to the post about the finished Sunflower afghan, you'll note that none other than Kim Guzman herself has left a comment! I 'bout fell out of my chair when I saw that. And she has a blog post up today linking to this blog!

So, it's been a good day.

Hey, good for you Miss Julie duckie!! Nice to get a link and comment like that. :)
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