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Saturday, June 25, 2005


Let's post a picture!!

Yeah me!! I managed to get pictures posted! I'm so excited!

Poncho above is a stash-buster project and I love it. I came across a cone of Lily's white cotton, that I had probably picked up to make potholders with, and thought Poncho!! The pattern is an adaption of one in the Annie's Attic booklet Poncho panache! It's perfect for a Mississippi summer.


Pretty poncho! And good job on your blog, too. Isn't blogging fun? :-)
It's beautiful - perfect for summer!!
Your poncho is pretty! :)
I've never made a poncho before, but you make me want to try.
I'm so glad to find you! :)
very pretty poncho! I love your nickname and the 'waddling along!' cause i love ducks too!

here are some of the crocheted duckies i've made for your amusement :) http://www.psf.homestead.com/duckies.html

ack! the URL didn't come out.


hope that one works!
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