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Monday, June 27, 2005


Lady Dog

"Help Me! Someone please help me! Just because I may have put on a few extra pounds over the winter, the woman thinks I'm fat. It was bad enough that she brought home that food for 'overweight dogs' . It got worse when the man stopped feeding me lots of treats during the day. Now, she is making me wear this harness and leash and is taking me OUTSIDE for L-O-N-G walks through the neighborhood where everyone sees me. Oh, the shame of it all. I would much rather stay laid up in the house under the air-conditioner. Someone have pity on me, please!"

Poor, poor Lady dog. We got her a couple of years ago at PetSmart. She's a lab mix, and is a bit timid. She's unsure about people on bikes, she's unsure about people on roller-blades, she's unsure about children playing scoccer in yards. Walking this dog is an experience, because she is just so unsure about so many things. She's also not big on having her picture taken which is why I have this other photo. Yes, that is a roll of fat on the dog's backside. And is the reason we go walking twice a week.

So, How Has Your Day Been?


awwww, poor lady dog! exercise plans take a toll on all of us puppy, believe it!

Yay for you getting your doggy at petsmart, we adopted a rescue kitty from PetSmart in January and we just love him to bits :)

have a great day!
Awwww, what a sweet looking doggy. I think my dog will have a bigtime crush and puppy love when he spies her butt picture, LOL. Exercise sounds boring but she'll have a better life because of it. Hmm, I should listen to myself better and lose my own weight walking my dog, but I'm too busy crocheting, haha.
Thanks for visiting my blog too.
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