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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Dishcloth - X-Stitch

A new crocheted dishcloth! This pattern is found here and is part of a kitchen set, although I only made the dishcloth. The yarn is cotton Sugar & Cream in the color Creamsicle.

You might notice the slight curve at the bottom of the cloth. My gauge was too tight for the first few rows. That's because I used two different hooks. And the different hooks, both size G, worked up at differently. And why did I use two different hooks?

Well, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a crochet hook to use just for dishcloths and I could keep it in the bag with my cotton yarn. So I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased this:

It's a Susan Bates Bamboo Handle crochet hook. And it just doesn't work for me - I can't figure out how to hold it properly. The handle just kept getting in my way. I gave up on the hook after a couple of rows and switched to my regular all metal Bates hook. Really, I should have frogged the whole thing and started over, but I kept it as-is as a learning example.

And that's the story of dishcloth number 2!


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