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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Poor Blog, Part 2

We also traveled to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana (also known as the crawfish capitol of the world) and stayed in the cutest little cabin near town. We ate lots of beignets and lots of crawfish - they serve crawfish sauce with everything. We took a swamp tour thru the swamps of Lake Martin. Saw lots of birds, three alligators and a wee little frog.
Then we spent a few days in Tupelo, MS. Tupelo's big claim to fame is being the birthplace of Elvis Presley and there are quite a few Elvis related places around. We stopped by the house that Elvis lived in as a child.

A side trip to Memphis, TN was necessary for Yarn Shopping! Memphis has several yarn shops but I spent all my yarn budget at Yarniverse. Great fun and I'll have to go back sometime soon.

I've been crocheting and I've got a few things to post later on. Ya'll be good now and come back real soon!

Looks like you had a fun summer. :)
Glad you are back safely!
Ooh I'm jealous you went yarn shopping in Memphis! :) I so want to visit yarn stores outside of this state too.
Love the little sleeping bunny. :)
I think I'm the one that pointed you in the direction of these yarn shops! I feel good that you like yarniverse because it's one of my favorites. I haven't been to Topelo yet, but I've been all over Memphis. Glad you enjoyed yourself :)
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