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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Something new

And in more positive, uplifting news, I received my doily from Ulla in Sweden! A free-form doily with lots of flowers and leaves. I am so impressed. Thanks so much Ulla!! I Love It!!

And I've actually managed to knit my first pair of socks. A month or so ago, I bought the book 'Knit Socks' and some Cascade 220 yarn. I've been working on these little by little every since. I'm amazed that once I bound off the yarn and wove in the ends, there were actually two socks and they fit! Hubby has requested a pair of himself, so I've got the yarn ready to go for his pair. We will definately have warm feet this winter!

Another view of a complete sock, just because I am so thrilled that these came out as real socks!

WOWZA!! I'm very impressed with your socks - and it's your first pair!! Go you :)
Ooh, I love those socks! Great color.

Tandi from C-Ville
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